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Training and Presentations

Need to do presentations but would rather die than speak in public?  Let us conduct your presentations.  Client presentations, trade shows, conferences, new product roll-outs, etc.

Blue Raven Business Services offers trainers experienced with adult learners and a wide range of training topics, audiences, A/V and lengths of classes and seminars.  

In addition, we offer Bookkeeping and Other Services which include group facilitation, presentations, website design, business writing, research, and special events coordination.  
If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us.

We offer:


Conduct presentations on your behalf


New product roll-out

Tradeshow/Conference booth

Your custom presentation needs


design and customize your company's specific 
training topics

pre-prepared topics ready for delivery

semi-customized topics-our program customized 
to your business

deliver your prepared training programs

Training topics include:

Handling Multiple Projects, Tasks, and Deadlines

Time Management

Handling Stress

Dealing With Difficult People

Training the Trainer

Customer Service


Front-line Marketing

Front-line Manager


Life Balance-Balancing Your Professional and 
Personal Obligations

Presentation Skills

Goal Setting


The Secrets of Effective Meetings

Life Skills for Ordinary People

Create Your Custom Topic

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Training tip Conducting free seminars to potential customers is an excellent way to show your expertise and obtain new clients.  Identify who your clients are, and where they meet.  Then find out if you can do a presentation.  Make sure the content is valuable to them.  A long ad disguised as a presentation won't benefit anyone.  Examples of potential presentation opportunities are: networking meetings, BBB or Chamber of Commerce meetings, union meetings, association meetings or conferences, and tradeshows.