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These are links that we have found to be valuable to small business.  

Canadian Federal Government website:

British Columbia provincial website:

A good site for currency conversions:

A great place to test the security of your computer (for f ree) 

An interactive place to work on your business plan (you have one, don't you?)

Women's Enterprise Centre

Register your BC business here:

An interesting article on making the life of your business card longer:

Rob Frankel has a good website on branding:

Looking for funding for a women's business?  Try here:

Check out Canada Post's small business offerings:

A wonderful site on helping you deal with the paper in your life:

CRA's payroll calculator:

A good site on learning how to get the most from your money: 

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Bookkeeping Tip:  Check your government website (local, provincial, and federal) for information and forms.  Many governments have excellent websites, and you may be able to download the form you need, or get the information you want without a in-person visit or waiting on hold forever.


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